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Fatigue Management Programme


After we have measured the levels of fatigue within a workplace via Fatigue Assessments and identified the areas of concern we utilise two approaches for effectively managing fatigue in the workplace.

Like all of the programmes with LifeCare Nutrition, the Fatigue Management Programmes are individualised for your workplace and tailored to your unique work requirements and environment.

Management of workplace factors

Reducing workplace factors that contribute to fatigue through a risk management approach to fatigue to more effectively manage the workplace factors that are contributing to fatigue. Development of procedures and guidelines documents to effectively manage fatigue. Train managers and supervisors to be able to identify fatigued individuals.

Education program

Fatigue Management Education Program to educate and support individuals so that they have the tools to personally manage and minimise their levels of fatigue. Group sessions educate individuals on healthy sleep, exercise and sedentary behaviours, nutrition, resilience and stress management. Individual one-on-one consultations can also be included to provide individualised feedback, support and education, ideal for those experiencing high levels of fatigue, and for those who conduct safety critical roles.


Areas the Fatigue Management Programme educates and supports staff on:

  • Nutrition: Healthy eating to minimise fatigue and maximise energy levels
  • Healthy sleep to minimise and reverse the effects of fatigue
  • How does caffeine, alcohol and hydration affect fatigue
  • Mental Health, Resilience and Fatigue
  • Physical Fitness and Fatigue
  • Our immune system and how it is affected by fatigue
  • Managing and reducing stress


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