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Injury Management


Did you know, in 2018 there were 238,782 work-related injury claims in New Zealand? Of these claims, 150,960 related to soft tissue injuries i.e. sprains and strains of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Many of these injuries may have been prevented through education and awareness.

Workplace injuries impact on the well-being of your employees as well as on business productivity and cost.  Life Care Injury Management will enable you to actively support the assessment and rehabilitation of your workplace injuries. This is achieved by minimising disruption to your business and supporting your injured employees to achieve a safe and early return to productivity.


The decisions that are made immediately following a workplace injury event will greatly influence both recovery and return to work outcomes for your employees.

Life Care Injury Management provides priority access to our nationwide network of over 500 allied health professionals.  This enables a specialist diagnostic injury triage assessment to ensure you and your injured employees receive quick and accurate confirmation of the injury and what that means.  We will increase your visibility and participation in the recovery process, meaning you and your employees will be empowered and better engaged.



Our assessment is always undertaken by a senior diagnostic physiotherapist.  It covers:

  • Injury history
  • Subjective report on function
  • Functional restrictions and abilities – range of movement, strength and endurance
  • Functional testing in relation to a job task analysis
  • A working diagnosis
  • Onward referrals
  • Implications for work, and
  • Recommended course of action to facilitate a safe and early return to work

24 hour turnaround

Life Care Injury Management will take the work and stress out of injury management for you.  We will have your employees assessed and on the path to recovery within 24 hours of you notifying us of their injury.

We allow you to focus on your core business, while on your behalf we action what we do best, leading the assessment and recovery pathway with you and your workers


Empowering your business to positively manage the cost of injuries in the workplace.

At Life Care Injury Management we will ensure early and accurate diagnosis, along with appropriate timely treatment leading to a faster and more durable return to work. This reduces downtime, promotes recovery, limits unnecessary doctors’ visits and decreases the burden of ACC.

Manage the cost of injuries in your workplace via:

Injury triage assessment

  • Confirmed injury triage appointment within 3 hours of notification.
  • Priority service injury triage assessment within 24 hours of notification.
  • Full injury triage assessment report confirming pathways within 48 hours of notification

Monthly membership licence

  • Priority access to our nationwide network of over 500 allied health professionals.
  • Uncapped claim coordination, actively managing rehabilitation and the pathway to return to work with ACC, worker and employer.
  • ACC pre-employment history checks to aid informed recruitment decisions.


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