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Workplace Health Checks

A healthy team is a happy team.

Ensuring your team members are safe and comfortable in their work is one important part of operating a workplace.  Ensuring your team members are healthy and happy in their work is another. Life Care Consultants’ Workplace Occupational Health Checks are a comprehensive health assessment for everyone.

We come to your place of work and conduct a series of health tests designed to find and test for the early signs and symptoms of any number of health issues.We can conduct tests for your staff on hearing, lung function, vision, fatigue, Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and range of motion. The results of these tests will discussed with you and recommendations made for improving that staff member’s health.

For you as the employer not only are you looking after your employees and their wellbeing, you are also ensuring they remain productive and happy in their work which, at the end of the day, is good for business.

Life Care CONSULTANTS understands the health and wellness of your company is much more than simply being seen by a nurse!

We understand our customers have health, wellness and training needs which require a multidisciplinary approach therefore over the last 24 years we have employed a variety of well qualified and well trained occupational health professionals.

All of our operational staff have a health or education tertiary qualification, which include Nursing, Paramedics, Physiotherapy, to Doctors of Nutrition and Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology allowing us to meet you individual requirements. Our company doctor is on hand for advice and to make recommendations. Quality is paramount to Life Care Consultants therefore to ensure you receive a competent service from a suitably qualified member of the team all of our Health Consultants embark on a robust office and field induction, which provides them with the required skills and knowledge to deliver the varied services that Life Care Consultants provides.

The quality process does not end there for Life Care Consultants; following successful induction the Health Consultant enters our quality assurance program. This program provides ongoing supervision and mentoring, scheduled reviews of their skills and knowledge, quality review of their documented material, and ongoing training and professional development. It is through the robust induction, ongoing quality assurance and our professional development our clients can be confident they are receiving the right person for the right service.


We test hearing to the Approved Code of Practice for Noise Management. This test takes approximately 10 minutes and requires a reasonably quiet environment.

Lung function
We use an electronic spirometer to measure lung function with an instant result, which will be discussed with the participant. The test takes approximately 3–5 minutes.

Vision screening
Tests include near and far acuity (short and long-sightedness), stereopsis (depth perception), colour vision, night vision and peripheral vision.

BMI (Body Mass Index)
This is calculated using weight and height measurements. It is a useful assessment tool in identifying risk factors for heart disease and other health-related problems.

Fatigue assessment
The fatigue assessment will help to determine if an individual experiences moderate to high fatigue and/or excessive sleepiness. The Epworth and Stop Bang questionnaires generate a result as normal, moderate or high. Those identified with a high risk will be referred onto our specialist for recommendations to manage their fatigue, to reduce the risk of excessive fatigue and improve worksite safety.

Blood pressure
We will use either a small electronic device or the more traditional manual equipment to measure blood pressure. If possible, participants should wear loose clothing so we can put the blood pressure cuff above the elbow.

Cholesterol and blood glucose levels
This involves a small finger prick for each test, using a lancet pen to produce a drop of blood. This will then be tested using our small electronic meters, and takes 2–3 minutes per test. Fasting is not required for these results.



(eg either hearing, or lung function, or vision screening etc.)

  • 1 test: 20 minutes
  • 2 tests: 20 minutes
  • 3 tests: 30 minutes


  • Hearing, vision screening, lung function, blood pressure: 30 minutes


(minimum charge for on-site training applies)

  • Hearing, vision screening, lung function, blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and blood glucose levels: 40 minutes
  • Fatigue Assessment (optional extra): 10 minutes
Premium Assessment service also includes:


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