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Mental Health 101

our Mental Health 101 workshop, gives your staff the skills and confidence to identify signs and symptoms, and how to respond to co-workers that are struggling.

Workplaces with good mental health awareness, mindfulness and wellbeing are associated with reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, increased staff engagement,  better workplace harmony, higher overall job satisfaction and improved morale. Mental health first aid training is the help given to someone developing a mental health issue, such as depression, stress or substance misuse, anxiety, or who is in a mental health crisis.

This half day training course is designed to equip employees with the key skills and confidence to identify someone in their workplace who may be struggling and how to engage in conversations with them. In this course we look at signs and symptoms of poor mental health and how to recognise when someone is struggling and how to best respond.



This Mental Health 101 workshop is designed to equip your staff with the key skills and confidence needed to help them determine someone in their team who may be struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. In this training we explore signs and symptoms of poor mental health and understand how to recognise when someone isn’t coping and how to best respond.


“Very engaging, full of honesty and lots of laughs”

“This course exceeded my expectations! It was very engaging, full of honesty and lots of laughs. The use of humour was magnificent as it kept the audience attentive and didn’t detract from getting the important messages across. I’m so glad I came to this training session!”

Naylor Love

“All the scenarios were really close to home and relevant”

“Thank you for an excellent workshop and the sharing of such knowledge. All the scarios were really close to home and relevant, thought provoking and informative and the presenter was great too! Everyone needs to become more aware of mental health and talk about it. Keep up the great work.”

Napier City Council

“We had good open coversation in the room”

“This training was really good. It raised awareness levels in the group and gave me key strategies to help recognise signs from people who are struggling. We had good open conversation in the room as the facilitator created a safe place to talk and contribute.”

Te Ohomai – Tauranga

“The content was well constructed and really helpful”

“Exceptional delivery of this course! The content was well constructed and really helpful and whilst the course covered some uncomfortable subjects, it was delivered with professionalism and sensitivity. Before attending, I thought I knew quite a lot about the subjects covered in this training, but I actually knew nothing – I learnt so much!”

Pulse Energy – Auckland


  • Understand the prevalence of mental health issues in New Zealand.
  • Learn key strategiest to help maintain and increase mental health and wellbeing in your workplace.
  • Learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of someone struggling.
  • Explore possible approaches when handling the various discussed conditions.
DURATION: 4 hours


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