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Fatigue Assessments

Fatigue negatively affects health, safety, productivity and wellbeing.

Fatigue affects a person’s health, increases the chance of workplace injuries occurring, and reduces performance and productivity within the workplace.  Fatigue also increases the chance of accidents occurring while traveling to and from work.  Additionally, fatigue can have implications for public safety.

How it will help you

The Life Care Nutrition Fatigue assessment will help to determine if an individual (or groups of individuals) experience moderate to high fatigue and/or excessive sleepiness.  Three scientific, extensively researched, validated tools are used to assess different areas of fatigue.  You will receive information about the numbers of staff who are experiencing moderate to high fatigue.

Extensive reporting

Beyond the initial results, if requested by a workplace, an extensive report can be produced, that also includes a comparison of your workplace fatigue data to published fatigue data. In this detailed report, Life Care Nutrition will also provide recommendations and guidelines as to how best deal with the fatigue results.

Fatigue Assessments

Fatigue can impair your:

  • Strength, speed, coordination, reaction time and balance
  • Decision-making skills, communication skills, attention and memory
  • Productivity, ability to handle stress, and physical and mental health.

What causes Fatigue?

  • Working long hours
  • Insufficient break time between shifts and not enough rest
  • Working during some or all of the natural time for sleep (night shift work)
  • Long hours of intense mental or physical effort.
Fatigue assessments can be included as part of health assessments or as stand-alone fatigue assessments. Including fatigue assessments on an annual basis can track changes in fatigue levels, identify new areas of concern and to train new staff members that may require fatigue education or those that may require refresher support.


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