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The Australian bush fires have dominated the news in recent weeks, with widespread devastation, lives lost, and an estimated 1 billion animals perished. Whether you think global warming has anything to do with it or not, the fact remains the fires are proving tough to get under control.

Back home here in New Zealand, fire bans are now commonplace around the country, and for good reason. Summer temperatures are cranking up and places are tinder dry, and we’ve already seen large scrub fires in places.

It’s a good time to think about your own ‘patch’, your own premises both work and home.

Have you got working smoke detectors? What are your team doing with their cigarette butts? Do you have fire wardens to help people get out and to help minimise the damage? Are all your team members aware of what fire extinguisher should be used and where they are located? Are all the extinguishers in working order?

Once a fire has burnt through a building, it will never be the same again. It may even be the end of your business, and that means job losses to add to the stress and misery.

Fire can happen anywhere and at any time so having smoke and fire detectors, fire extinguishers, an evacuation plan and well-trained fire wardens can go a long way to minimising the devastation.

Life Care can help with your fire training. When delivered at your place of work this course is customised to your industry and/or workplace. We will bring equipment to your site and stage small fire scenarios so your staff can feel the real experience of putting out a genuine fire. Simply get in touch.

Remember, whatever burns, never returns.

Stay safe.

Janet Brothers

Managing Director