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Emergency Care Training

Comprehensive emergency first aid training

The Life Care Consultants Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) course is an in-depth 3-day course that covers a comprehensive list of emergency first aid scenarios and situation assessments including delivering CPR and defibrillation, care of the conscious/unconscious patient, oxygen administration, vital signs and much more.

Participants must have completed unit standards 6400, 6401, 6402 or have attended a refresher course for these unit standards in the last 2 years.

Suitable for a range of industries

The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training (PHEC) course has been designed to meet the knowledge requirements of the NZRC Level 3 Rescuer and is suitable for industry, surf life saving, the fire service, rural nurses and health care workers, search and rescue and the coastguard.


  • Participants must have unit standards 6400, 6401, 6402 and have attended a refresher course for these unit standards in the last two years.

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training

Our Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training covers the following:


  • Scene assessment
  • Mechanism of injury
  • Primary assessment
  • Secondary assessment
  • Vital signs (pulse, respirations, B/P)
  • Questioning and history gathering
  • Oxygen administration and set up
  • Introduction to resuscitation
  • Airway care and using a bag mask
  • CPR
  • Defibrillation
  • Suctioning
  • Care of the conscious patient
  • Care of the unconscious patient

Medical & Trauma

Condition overview of:

  • Nervous system conditions: seizures, stroke, fainting, anaphylaxis, head injury and spinal injury
  • Respiratory system conditions: asthma, CORD, hyperventilation, chest injuries – pneumothorax
  • Shock
  • Muscular-skeletal conditions: fractures, dislocations, sprains, internal bleeding
  • Integumentary conditions: open wounds, burns, estimating burns size
  • Diabetes and poisoning
  • Environmental: hypothermia, heat exhaustion and heat stroke
  • Documentation/patient handover



  • Collars
  • Splints
  • Extrication devices

DURATION: 3 days – plus some course reading on day 2 evening.

NZQA unit standards are available for the course – these are assessed on days two and three.

  • 14473 – Move and position patients in preparation for transport
  • 25411 – Demonstrate knowledge of and use an automated external defibrillator
  • 25412 – Provide basic pre-hospital emergency care


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