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Practical Fire Extinguisher Training for STUDENTS

Would your students know what to do and how to use a fire extinguisher?

All large fires start as small fires. Different types of fires require different methods of extinguishing to ensure they do not spread and become large fires. Being able to identify the type of fire that has started and choosing the correct method to extinguish it can save property and lives.


The Life Care Consultants Practical Fire Extinguisher Training course for Schools uses real small-fire scenarios to illustrate and train your students and staff as to the appropriate method to extinguish a fire.

The course will touch on how to suppress fire through cooling, smothering and removal of fuel, what types of extinguishers to use for different types of fire and provide strategies for dealing with a fire.


Our Practical Fire Extinguisher Training can be tailored for your students and school and delivered at your place or ours. When delivered at your place of work this course is customised to your individual needs.

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training for STUDENTS

Our Practical Fire Extinguisher Training covers the following NZQA unit standard:

US 3271 (L2, C1)

Suppress fire with hand extinguishers and fixed hose reels


DURATION: 2 hours class time

  • Knowledge of fire classes
  • Fire suppression techniques
    • Cooling
    • Smothering
    • Removal of fuel
  • Extinguisher types
  • Fire blanket use and limitations
  • Strategy for dealing with fire


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