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Fire Science Training for STUDENTS

Fire poses a significant risk to all of us, whether at WORK, school or in the home. It moves incredibly fast and can quickly destroy a business or home.

Life Care Consultants’ Fire Safety Training course will provide students with the necessary knowledge to know how to deal with a potential fire in a wide variety of situations, how to get out of a situation where fire and smoke have become dangerous, where to go to be in a safe place and the emergency call process for alerting the authorities of the presence of a fire.


Fire can be one of the most unexpected events to happen in a workplace, yet when it does, knowing how to help people and potentially extinguish a fire can be life-saving.


Our Fire Science Course can be tailored for your students and school and delivered at your place or ours. When delivered at your place of work this course is customised to your school’s needs. Or, for smaller groups we offer regular public courses at our offices and training centres.

Fire Science Training for STUDENTS

Our Fire Science Training for Students covers the following unit standard:

US 4647 (L2, C1)

  • Explain principles of fire science
  • Introduction to fire suppression
  • Basic principles of the physics of fire

People credited with this unit standard are able to demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of the chemistry of fire and the basic principles of the physics of fire.



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