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Nutrition overhaul of on-site cafeteria / food service

Keen to overhaul the types of food available through your companies cafeteria / catering service?

As part of this service one of our registered Dietitians will work with your on-site cafeteria/ catering service to improve the nutrition quality and enhance the nutrition outcomes of the food and drinks provided to your staff. This could include new recipes, overhaul of the menu, sourcing healthier vending machines, posters and information to educate, remind and support healthy changes.


We can work with your cooks to put a healthy eating plan in place to benefit the health and wellbeing of staff while they are working away from home.


LifeCare Nutrition also has extensive experience working with companies that operate on off-shore facilities and vessels.

Nutrition Overhaul of on-site Cafeteria / Food Service:

Our Dietitians can:

  • Create new recipes for your cafeteria, or can work with existing recipes to create meals that are more nutritious and healthy for staff, focussing on reducing sugar, salt and saturated fat while keeping meals tasty and interesting.
  • Train and upskill your onsite cooks to prepare, present and cook food in a healthier, more nutritious way.
  • Create a tailored health and wellbeing initiative and campaign for your cafeteria to educate and motivate your staff to want to make healthy choices.


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