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Health & Wellness Toolbox Talks

Succinct, informative and motivating health and wellness education.

The Health and Wellness Toolbox is designed to provide your staff with information and education on Health and Wellness. Taking just 30 minutes, our seminars are designed to be presented during lunchtime or between shifts. Seminars can be delivered over a period of months to cover good nutrition, managing stress, the importance of sleep, how to manage shift work, exercise and much more.

Effective and Efficient!

These seminars will educate and inspire your staff to improve their health and wellbeing. Information is presented in easy-to-understand ways and advice is given to employees on how to implement the tips presented into their own lives and those of their family.

Educate your staff

The Life Care Nutrition Health and Wellness Toolbox is your organisation’s tool to educate your staff and keep them up to date and motivated to look after their health and the wellbeing of themselves and each other.

Health & Wellness Toolbox Talks

Select a new topic each month to educate your staff and improve their lifestyle habits.

How much fluid do I need to stay hydrated and safe on the worksite? What are the best types of fluids? This seminar will consider factors including heat, heavy physical demands, heavy work gear and other circumstances which influence hydration status (such as alcohol, caffeine intake etc).

What does healthy eating look like? How much should I be eating in a day, and how often, to give me the right amount of energy and nutrients to be productive and safe at work, while being healthy for my body? This seminar will provide practical examples of meals, snacks and drinks to keep staff healthy and safe on the job.

How do sugary foods relate to poor work performance, impact on worksite safety and cause damage to your health and wellbeing? How much sugar can we have in a day? Where is sugar hidden in our foods and how much sugar is in common food and drinks?

What are healthy fats and oils that are good for our cholesterol levels and our heart health – and what foods do we find them in? What are unhealthy fats and oils that could lead to heart disease and stroke, and what foods do we find them in?

How to identify when you are stressed, how to identify when a colleague is stressed, and how you can help yourself and help your colleague. Practical advice will be provided which will focus on triggers, signs of stress, what to do and how to cope using good nutrition, sleep, exercise and other lifestyle choices.

Convenience/takeaway foods:
What impact will eating foods like pies, cream buns, donuts and soft drinks/energy drinks have on our health, safety at work and work performance? This seminar will discuss how much sugar/fat/salt/caffeine is in these foods, how this causes a sugar/caffeine rush followed by a low, and how this impacts on our performance and safety at work.

Shift work:
Nutrition recommendations for shift workers – when to eat/how much to eat/how to eat to combat fatigue related to shift work, and how this will keep shift workers and their colleagues safe.

Nutrition and health:
How poor nutrition and not enough physical activity leads to conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. What we can do to reverse this?

How to make sense of nutrition:
This seminar also includes a discussion around the latest diet trends and how good they really are for us. This information will help staff navigate all of the information out there so that they can make good, informed, healthy choices.

How can healthy eating prevent fatigue? Practical tips for meals, snacks and fluids that will boost energy levels and work performance will be discussed.

This seminar discusses how important it is to get regular exercise for your health and productivity at work, and provides practical examples of physical activity that can be built into your day.

Other lifestyle factors:
Smoking, alcohol consumption, caffeine and sleep – how these impact on your safety at work, productivity and your health.



30 minutes (includes 25 minutes of presentation by one of our Registered Dietitians / Nutritionists, plus 5 minutes for questions and answers).


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