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Health & Wellness Seminars

Delve deeper into your wellbeing.

Life Care Consultants’ Health and Wellness Seminars delve deeper into topics that are important to the wellbeing of your staff. Through the presentation of specific information tailored to your needs, or the selection of one of our prepared seminars on topics ranging from lifestyle habits to how to make better food, our seminars are designed to be entertaining and informative.

Education is key to ensuring your staff are given the tools they need to IMPROVE their health and wellness.

These 1-hour seminars provide the foundation for your organisation to improve the health of all your staff.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Education

Select from the range of Health and Wellness Seminar topics, or have a custom-made seminar tailored to meet your workplace needs.


Lifestyle habits, fatigue and work productivity


This seminar covers:

  • How poor nutrition, hydration, caffeine and alcohol impacts on our work productivity, absenteeism and safety.
  • Practical tips for eating healthy at work.
  • The Ministry of Health Guidelines for physical activity and health.
  • How to be more active at work.
  • How physical activity plays a role in influencing productivity and work performance.
How to make healthier food and beverage choices to improve your health and wellbeing


This seminar will discuss:

  • How nutrition relates to health conditions such as obesity and diabetes.
  • What each meal should look like (following the healthy plate model).
  • How to reduce fat, sugar and salt in our diet.
  • How to read food labels.
  • How much sugar is in our food and drinks.
  • Hidden sugar in our food.
  • What are healthy fats and how they improve our health and cholesterol levels.


1 hour (includes 50 minutes of presentation by one of our Registered Dietitians / Nutritionists, plus 10 minutes for questions and answers)


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