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Workstation Assessments

Unseen workplace injuries can have a dramatic effect on your people.

A large majority of the work force in New Zealand these days spend a lot, if not nearly all their time at their desks. Over the past 20 odd years computers and workstations have created all sorts of new, often unseen, workplace injuries in the form of Occupational Overuse Syndrome or OOS.

For many people OOS is simply seen as a ‘irritation’ however without treatment and corrective measures put in place to fix it, it can have long term negative health benefits on the individual as well as productivity issues for a company.

What is OOS?

OOS is an injury that hides within the muscles of a person’s body and occurs due to the micro repetition of small movements of the muscles over an extended period of time. These micro movements, or muscle contractions, can begin to feel numb and then sore. They are often found in the fingers, hands, wrists, shoulders and neck of sufferers and result from poor posture and incorrect use of a computer for extended periods of time.

See below for the ways Life Care Consultants offers workstation assessments for your BUSINESS.

Workstation assessments:

Life Care Consultants offers workstation assessments for your staff in two forms.


We visit your staff individually at their workstation and educate them on the correct use of their workspace. We assess their current setup and advise changes and improvements that will help them to work in a safe and efficient manner.


We will gather groups of 8–20 people at a time and educate them in the principles of OOS and workstation setup. Once this is complete they are then sent back to their workspace to self-assess it. Our consultant will then move around each participant and advise and educate them on where they are correct or might have gone wrong and provide recommendations for improvements.


We also run seminars on Discomfort, Pain and Injury (DPI) and cover topics such as: What is OOS?; Guidelines for using computers; Workstation setup and practice.

These seminars are tailored to the requirements of each group and run for up to 2 hours.


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