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Respirator Fit Testing

Correct use of a respirator is not as simple as giving someone a mask and expecting them to use it.

A respirator or RPE should always be worn by workers in any environment where asbestos is suspected to be present to minimise the risk of breathing in asbestos due to the serious health risks.

Life Care’s Respirator Fit Testing tests the fit of the half face respirator (disposable or reusable) as required by AS/NZS1715 and the ACOP: Management and Removal of Asbestos (Section 14). These tests should be conducted annually (as a minimum).  As an employer, our Respirator Fit Tests enable you to meet your health and safety requirements and protect your business.

 A respirator needs to fit securely and be looked after to provide the best protection for your staff. Life Care’s Respirator Fit tests teach your team how to care for and wear their equipment for correct use, to create the best protection and reduce risk of exposure.

What to expect

Our consultant will provide a medical questionnaire to help identify the suitability of your employees to participate in the respirator fit testing. Once an employee has been qualified, our consultant will review their current half face or disposable respirator functionality.

The consultant will then conduct sensitivity testing to ensure the employee can detect the challenge solution; and when successful, will conduct qualitative fit tests: a series of exercises designed to simulate working conditions where the respirator would be worn to identify whether a suitable fit is obtained and maintained.

Once the test has been completed, Life Care will issue a certificate for each person and respirator tested indicating whether the result was a pass, fail, or additional quantitative testing is recommended.

Why complete a fit test?

  • To ensure the mask is working correctly
  • Not all models work for everyone. We check to see if the mask is a good fit for each individual.
  • Use and maintenance of respiratory protective devices is a requirement of the AS/NZS1715.
  • To ensure correct fitting of respiratory protective equipment to determine an adequate match between the facepiece and the respiratory protective equipment plus the face of the wearer.

Respirator Fit Testing Benefits:

• Individual one-on-one assessments
• Onsite testing
• 30mins max per assessment
• Quality reporting
• Tests conducted by health professionals

Why it's important:

Fit Testing each model of respirator in your workplace is important to ensure each face-piece provides the correct level of protection with very minimal risk of contaminant leakage. This test meets the AS/NZS1715 and the ACOP​ requirements .

To best protect your staff’s health and wellbeing, ensure your workplace respirators are providing the best level of protection for your staff.

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