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Life Care Consultants and EAPworks have joined forces to create Mindwell, a new venture delivering high-quality training to improve mental health in the workplace. 

In New Zealand each year 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental health event, yet for many people awareness of the problem of mental health issues is extremely low. Life Care Consultants and EAPworks are acutely aware of the need for good workplace mental health and have developed training packages providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify early stage mental health issues in their colleagues such as the onset of depression, anxiety, stress or substance misuse.

The motivation for Life Care Consultants to partner with EAPworks was to leverage on its extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health in general. Both companies have been operating and serving their clients for many years, and at the very first meeting both Janet Brothers and Richelle Rowe, Directors of Life Care Consultants knew that the two companies’ core values were aligned. Mindwell’s core purpose is: To enhance mental wellbeing in the workplace through partnerships built on trust and integrity.

It is a match made in heaven.

Both organisations are leaders in their specialist fields ­– Life Care Consultants in industry-specific training focused on employee health and wellness, and EAPworks with a proven track record of changing lives and transforming organisations to support a healthy and productive workplace. EAPworks provides in-person and telephone counselling, coaching, crisis management, work/life resources, wellness programmes, as well as organisational development.

The new venture Mindwell currently delivers 3 training options:
  1. 1-hour Seminar, a session covering mental wellbeing, common concerns such as depression and anxiety, activities to enhance wellbeing hormones and sources of assistance.
  2. Mental Health 101, which enables staff to recognise signs and symptoms and make a first response to help their co-workers.
  3. Managing Mental Health in the Workplace, which helps staff recognise signs and symptoms of someone experiencing mental health issues and teaches them possible approaches on how to make a response to help their co-workers.

With a comprehensive set of courses, training programmes and management programmes we at Life Care Consultants are well on our way to achieving our mission ­– to improve the health and wellbeing of as many New Zealanders as possible. It is a lofty goal but one we are passionate about delivering.

With our head office in Hamilton and a nationwide footprint that includes 7 regional offices, soon to be 8 including our Bay of Plenty office, our services can take place at your workplace or at one of our training facilities to ensure your specific workplace requirements are met.

Life Care Consultants has committed to working with ‘partners’ to provide expert knowledge and consultation as required. We believe this is the future and we are focussed on collaborating to increase our expert knowledge and continue to deliver programmes that will aid our clients in maintaining optimal health in all areas, at work. It is our aim to improve the health of all working communities in New Zealand through Life Care’s multidisciplinary approach, working with our own nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists and psychologists.