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Every day we work alongside fantastic people and companies. Here are some we have partnered with to provide exceptional outcomes for our clients.

We’re service focussed, fast and flexible

Our consultants provide a comprehensive audit of all your work place first aid kits assisting you to maintain NZ Occupational Health & Safety compliance. Our consultants are on the road in fully stocked vehicles and will replenish your first aid needs on-site at your premises as part of an agreed audit cycle. We will also arrange to replenish your vehicle kits or portable work crew kits. We also have on hand general safety equipment to ensure your team is always working to manage the hazards in your business.

The future of traffic management training.

Quality, mixed with precision mixed with technology with a splash of charisma. It is our goal to revolutionise the traffic management training space through innovative, engaging and enlightening development of traffic management professionals. We offer NZTA accredited Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic.

Employment & Training for the Electrical Industry

The Electrical Training Company, or Etco, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Master Electricians (previously ECANZ) established to provide employment and training for the electrical industry in New Zealand. Our two main areas of activity are:

  • The employment and placement of electrical apprentices via our group apprenticeship scheme.
  • The provision of training courses for apprentices and tradespeople.

Since our establishment in 1991, our commitment to producing the best has helped thousands of Etco apprentices and students achieve outstanding results and successes in industry competitions, national examinations and the industry itself. Click here to book a course through ETCO 

Employment Assistance programmes that work! 

EAPworks is a leading provider of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) in New Zealand. Founded by Mark Sames and Julie Crawley, we are a network of EAP practitioners, counsellors, psychologists and other relevant providers, operating throughout New Zealand.

We have a passion for assisting people to gain the maximum opportunities from a changing work environment. ​We believe healthy and resilient people are the key to a productive, positive workplace.

Our vision is to provide a range of professional services that promote positive work communities, and we seek to:

  • Always work in partnership with our clients to ensure excellence in service delivery and that client expectations are exceeded
  • Identify opportunities for growth and development of all people within an organisation
  • Provide a range of services that empower and fulfil personal and organisational potential.

We would love to hear from you.