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Our Story

From First Aid Trainer to Leading New Zealand Health & Training Provider

Starting life as a specialised First Aid Trainer, Life Care Consultants is now a leading New Zealand NZQA-registered Health & Training Provider.

In 1994 our MD, Janet Brothers, noticed that there was a niche market opening for training staff in businesses around the country in first aid. She felt the two-day First Aid Courses available at the time were cumbersome and not tailored to the businesses and industries the attendees came from. So she became NZQA qualified and set about stripping back the typical First Aid Course. Janet simplified the course and created one that delivered industry-specific high-quality first aid training in one day rather than two.

Better Value, Better Education

Business took off quickly. The increased value, cost savings, and lower staff downtime meant our clients’ staff were better educated and away from their jobs for less time, bringing a measurable benefit to our clients’ businesses. Twenty-three years later and Life Care Consultants has grown both in staff numbers and in the services offered. We now employ over 60 staff, including health consultants, occupational therapists, registered nurses and health care educators. Life Care Consultants has grown its service offering from providing high-quality First Aid Courses to include additional training services such as drug testing training, health and safety training, and fire safety training.

Comprehensive Business Services

Spring forward to today and we now include divisions in our company focused on employee health and wellness (Life Care Health Services, Life Care Nutrition), injury management (Life Care Injury Management) and health, first aid and fire training in schools (Life Care Schools). With a comprehensive set of courses, training programs and management programs we are well on our way to achieving our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of as many New Zealanders as possible. And we are proud to do so.

The Life Care Consultants Timeline

August 1994
Janet Brothers resigned from the hospital and started Life Care – set up office in a spare ‘cupboard’ 2.5 metres square in Cambridge

September 1994
Started teaching first aid – first major clients Matamata College, Fulton Hogan – Waikato and Electrix

June 1995
Employed first health consultant on a casual basis
April 1996
Started putting together a Quality System and Manual
January 1997
Registered as a Private Training Establishment with NZQA and was accredited to assess First Aid unit standards

March 1997
Employed the first full-time health consultant
September 1997
Started providing heath assessments
July 1998
Employed second full-time health consultant

July 1998
Janet trained in ‘Pole Rescue’ at Omaka Training Centre in Blenheim – first woman in NZ to be training in this

January 1999
Moved into Hamilton office – expanded to a 4×2 metre home office
June 1999
Employed first full-time administrator

Purchased a villa to work out of – used the lounge for a training room and had two offices with 2 admin staff and 6 health consultants
Purchased Wellworkers, an occupational health company based in Auckland.
Employed Richelle Rowe for a sales role
Purchased Healthworks, a small occupational health business in Rotorua
Moved into first commercial building on London Street
Had a total staff of 15

Purchased and moved into own commercial building on Anglesea Street
Won the Business Excellence Award for Service in Waikato and was a finalist in Health and Safety and the Leadership awards
Employed Joyce Taylor as a scheduler
Won the Vero National Business Excellence award for Education Provider
Established regional offices with 4 regional managers in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch
Employed 48 staff in total

Achieved the highest outcome for the External Evaluation and Review by NZQA – highly confident in educational performance and highly confident in self- assessment.

Celebrated 20 Years in business.

Reduced the regional managers to 3 and established the Northern, Central and Southern Regions; retained the 4 offices and added a Mount Maunganui office
Established the scheduling hub at the Mount office.

Nicola Hunt received her 10 year long service award in 2016.

Repeated the excellent outcome for the External Evaluation and Review by NZQA
Employed a company accountant and a total of 63 staff

New Service Divisions

Established a Dunedin satellite office for training and pre-employment assessments

Established a New Plymouth satellite office for training and pre-employment assessments