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Leadership team

Janet Brothers - Founder, Managing Director

Hi, I’m Janet Brothers and I’m the founder and Managing Director of Life Care Consultants.

There are some things we learn from our parents which we are proud of and they stick with us all of our lives, and other things we learn which as adults we try to ‘unlearn’ as we recognise that there is a better way of reacting, communicating and behaving.

The things I learnt as a child which I have held on tight to are:

  • If I feel bad about doing something, I don’t do it in the first place: integrity and a clear conscience are worth more than anything.
  • Fitness and activity are not only good for the body and the soul but also good fun.
  • Hard work and resilience are traits to be proud of.

As a young adult and a mum I learnt that family comes first:

  • Sometimes people may not be blood related but they may be soul related.
  • We never get that day back again so we need to appreciate every day.
  • No amount of money gives as much pleasure as a close, loving family.

I feel very proud of the work that Life Care has done and the difference we have made to many people over the last 24 years. These achievements have not been about me but about the people I have worked with, both colleagues and clients. Working with some amazing, passionate and positive people makes coming to work each day a real pleasure.

From starting out with only myself as a sole trader to employing over 60 staff it’s so nice that when I mention Life Care in a social setting people now say, ‘Yes I know Life Care.’

I am very lucky that I work in an industry which I am passionate about, and while I’m at the helm, our core values will never change as they resonate so well with me – Attitude is Everything – Positive, Fun, Passionate.

Joyce Taylor - General Manager, Operations

Hello, I’m Joyce Taylor, the General Manager of Operations.

Some say it’s our family background that shapes us early on, that makes us the person we ultimately turn out to be. I think if we are forever growing, that’s an ongoing opportunity.

The things I learnt as a child which I hold dear to my heart are:

  • It costs nothing to be civil, polite and respectful to all people.
  • Look after your health, as you are the only person truly in control of it.
  • You will get out what you put in: hard work comes with its own rewards.

When I was younger, self-belief was always an issue. Having people in my life who believe in me has given me the confidence to excel. My increased level of self-belief has helped with my success, and success is measured in lots of ways, and not always financial.

Family and true friends will always see the good in you.

Moving from the other side of the world later on in my life has given me the opportunity to be successful in so many ways. I feel very proud of what I have achieved. My self-belief has improved, and my willingness to see other people believe in me has increased.

Being the General Manager of Operations and part of a forward-thinking organisation like Life Care is amazing. Working with passionate and positive people makes coming to work each day a real pleasure.

Richelle Rowe - General Manager of Sales

Hello, I’m Richelle Rowe, the General Manager of Sales.

The most important attribute, and one that I live by, is always admit your mistakes, and learn from them.

At Life Care we do our very best to get it right, but sometimes the stars don’t align, and for some reason we get it wrong. It’s in these situations that all staff are empowered to take ownership and stay humble.

In the 14 years that I have worked with Life Care I have seen a phenomenal shift in the use of technology, and see this to be a continued focus point for my role in the business as General Manager of Sales. Customers and their business are at the heart of what we do, so it’s my mission to constantly look at ways to add value so our customers can make better decisions in their own businesses.

In my other life I love spending time with my three boys: husband Stephen, and two young adults Jarrid and Wesley. They really are the centre of my universe, and if you asked either of my children what they think has been the most important lesson they have been taught by their parents, I would hope they would say to treat other people as they would like to be treated. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

My passion is travel, and I hope to be privileged enough to see a lot more of this beautiful world before my time is up. I yearn to visit Europe with my husband, having spent the past few years tripping around the greater part of Asia ­– something to achieve in the near future.

Day to day I keep my sanity by doing boot camp three times a week, with walks up and around the Mount regularly.

My daily mantra is keep smiling, attitude is everything. You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it!

Kevin Ludwig - Company Accountant

Hi, I’m Kevin Ludwig, the Company Accountant for Life Care Consultants.

I manage the administration function of the business and ensure that the Leadership’s drive and passion are supported by robust systems, and amazing people.  I can be found most days at our Head Office in Hamilton.

I’m a newbie at Life Care, only joining in June 2017, but as soon as I joined the team I was impressed with the attitude and enthusiasm of the people here.  We truly believe in the company culture and

core values “Attitude is Everything – Positive, Fun, Passionate” make all our working days a real pleasure.  The fact that we can do this while providing amazing service to our clients makes Life Care a real privilege to be a part of.

In my youth I was a sports nut, playing cricket and rugby league to a reasonable standard. Unfortunately time has marched on and these days my involvement in sport is limited to interested spectator status.  For the good of my soul as much as my body I do drag myself to the gym fairly regularly, which allows me to indulge in my other passions – food, wine, and beer!

Jo Pennell - Administration Manager

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